Cottage Industry Theatre

“From its inception, American entertainment had been what is now described as a cottage industry.”

- John Kenrick, Musical Theatre: A History

I envision Cottage Industry Theatre in this early stage as a concept more than a company. What form it takes as it continues to grow through collaboration and experimentation remains to be seen. The weaver does not require industry permission to be an artist; all she needs is a loom. The silversmith, woodcarver, and sand painter working underneath their own roofs will happily sell to the traveler passing through their village. In doing so, they share not only their art, but a glimpse of where they dwell and a moment in their lives with their customers. Why should music and theatre artists not practice their trade in the same way—sharing with the willing visitor what is crafted in the home or studio?

IMG_2168 - Version 2

Photo: Aleks Schoen

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